Our trip to London, southern England and Paris begins for Bill Stillman in John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, California, USA.

Bill Stillman is ready to travel

Bill Stillman arrives in George Bush International Airport, Houston Texas and connects with his Dad, Alfred Stillman.

Alfred Stillman is strapped in and ready for a nine hour 30 minute flight to Gatwick International, south of London

Alfred Stillman pauses to rest after a looooong flight and a turbulent ride to their hotel on the edge of Hyde Park {formerly Sherwood Forest].

After a good nights rest, Alfred Stillman enjoys breakfast overlooking Hyde Park

Bill Stillman is ready for the all-day tour of London

Westminster Abbey

Number 10 Downing Street - home of the Blair's

Alfred Stillman in front of Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

House of Parliament

The Millennium Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower of London

Alfred Stillman is tired after a looooong day of touring London

4 July 2000 - Alfred Stillman is ready to travel to Reading

Reading Station

Our super cousins - Robin and Margaret Stillman of Winnersh, Wokingham

Robin and Margaret Stillman's residence

On the 4th of July 2000, we toured Steeple Ashton and Bath.

This is the lovely bed and breakfast we retired to the evening of the 4th of July 2000

Alfred Stillman is ready to return to Steeple Ashton on the 5th of July 2000

Updated 22 July 2000