On 7 July 2000 Alfred Stillman and Bill Stillman went to Paris, France via Eurostar [Chunnel] and toured Paris, France. The following pictures were taken as the tour proceeded.

Time to say Adieu in Ashford, Kent
Margaret Stillman...Robin Stillman...Alfred Stillman
Parting is such sweet sorrow
6 July 2000

Eurastar Station in Ashford, Kent - waiting for the Chunnel

Alfred Stillman relaxes after out arrival in the Clarion St. James Hotel in Paris, France

Statue of St. Joan de Arc in Paris, France

Statue of Charlemagne - an ancestor of ours - outside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Alfred Stillman in the park in the rear of Notre Dame Cathedral

Venus de Milo in the Louvre Museum in Paris

Venus de Milo - from the backside - in the Louvre Museum

Winged Victory - from ancient Greece - in the Louvre Museum

One pillar of the Champs de Elysees

Updated 22 July 2000